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Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency Tree RemovalWe are very experienced in performing the most sophisticated tree removals. Our caravan of big yellow trucks has travelled to numerous storms in the metro Atlanta area. Sometimes it is difficult to find a tree service during a natural disaster, but we always go and we give priority treatment to previous customers.


If you have an after-hours tree emergency, please call the regular office telephone number.  An operator answers our phone 24 x 7.  Please let the operator know that this is an emergency and whether you are an existing customer.  In an emergency, the operator will locate one of our arborists who will call you.  We charge $100 to come out after hours.  This will be credited back if you hire our company to perform the needed tree service.  After our arborist assesses the job and identifies the equipment and skills required, we will dispatch workers after hours if necessary. 


Emergency Tree RemovalIt's important to know that our workers are paid more for after hours work and for dangerous work.  And we charge more in these instances.  We will try to craft the most economical safe solution for you.  Frequently the tree can be stabilized with a small crew after hours, then cleaned up the following day.  Thus emergency rates are minimized; and you pay normal rates for the daytime work.


For Emergency Tree Removal or Repair Services, please call: 770-734-9648!